26. January 2016

Bulletin: Treat Your Data to the Latest Updates

Bulletin is a simple but useful library for merging updates into case classes. You create two classes, one representing a data record and one a partial update. Bulletin type-checks the classes and automatically generates a function to merge them.

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28. December 2015

Essential Slick at Scala Exchange 2015

My latest adventure in conference speaking was a two hour hands-on workshop at Scala Exchange 2015, entitled Essential Slick: Hands-On with Slick 3.

Slick is routinely difficult for new Scala developers to pick up. This workshop provides a broad overview of the main concepts in the library, with more in-depth information available in Richard and Jono’s new book.

Due to equipment difficulties we didn’t record the workshop at the conference, so I’ve included a complete screencast after the break.

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