20. February 2017

99 ways to DI

I did a short talk on dependency injection at Scala Central recently with comedic support from 90s metal legends Megadeth. I removed the gags from the slides on Github in a fit of fear over Copyright infringement (which came a few days late if I’m honest), but you can check out the uncensored video after the break.

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16. October 2016

The wonderful monadic world of Pandoc

Pandoc is a wonderful tool for converting between different markup formats. It can read documents written in Markdown, Textile, Word, and a few other input formats, and output them to a ridiculous number of output formats including HTML, PDF, and ePub. Users can also plug in filters that alter the document structure mid-translation. This is useful for things like inserting cross-references and changing the document structure, and it provides an interesting look at some functional programming techniques.

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