Buying into Scala from the Inside and Out

Written by Dave Gurnell

I teamed up with Sofia Cole to talk at Scala Days about our experiences moving a team from Perl to Scala. The video is up on Youtube and is embedded after the break.

I normally give quite technical talks, so this was a bit of a departure for me. In the talk Sofia and I discuss the “softer” side of Scala: how to teach and learn it, and how to keep a team together as they gain experience. We don’t have all the answers (as you’ll see from the questions at the end), but hopefully we provided a useful framework for thinking about transitioning to Scala.

You can find Sofia’s software development blog over at She’s written some great articles, including her thoughts about code reviews (a hot topic in our Scala Days talk), as well as her top tips for new tech speakers on the tech speaking circuit. She also co-hosts a software development podcast called Breakpoint Radio with fellow Underscorer Kingsley Davies. All worth checking out!