This Neighbourhood... Released!

Written by Dave Gurnell

My band, Mauna Loa, have released our first EP, _This neighbourhood sounds like a living organism_!

You can grab it for free (as in beer, love, and pretentious progressive instrumental rock) from our Soundcloud or Bandcamp pages or check it out after the break.

All tracks written, performed, and given ultra-pretentious post-rock names by Mauna Loa (

  • Jag Dehele - Guitars
  • Dave Gurnell - Keyboards
  • Sarah Higgins - Bass
  • Jon Tozer - Drums

Drums recorded by Joe Dickinson at The Hatch.

Other instruments recorded by Tim Douglas.

Mixed by Joe Dickinson.

Mastered by Mike Hillier.

Cover photograph by Thomas Hawk.

Big hugs to Arbor Lights, Killer Yogi, Jura, and The Shoguns Decapitator, with whom we’ve thoroughly enjoyed rocking out.

Very special thanks to our friends and families, and to all our fans who braved bizarre and inhospitable weather conditions to see us play.

No metronomes were harmed during the making of this album.

Copyright 2011-13 Mauna Loa: Jag Dehele, Dave Gurnell, Sarah Higgins, and Jon Tozer.